Baby Elon


Total Supply: 254 Billion
Tokenomics overview
A 5% buy and sell tax is a common way to generate revenue for a cryptocurrency project. The tax is applied to all buy and sell transactions, and the proceeds are used to fund the project's activities. In this case, 4% of the tax revenue is used for marketing, and 1% is used for utilities. The marketing budget will be used to promote the Baby Elon coin and to increase awareness of the project. The utilities budget will be used to develop and maintain the Baby Elon ecosystem, such as the website, the mobile app, and the staking rewards program.
  • 4% Marketing
  • 1% Utility
Tokenomics goals
The goal of the Baby Elon tokenomics is to create a sustainable and long-term value proposition for the token. The 5% buy and sell tax is designed to generate revenue for the project, which can be used to fund its activities and to grow the community. The marketing and utilities budgets are designed to promote the coin and to develop the ecosystem, which will make the coin more valuable.